Proud to be a Xero Silver Partner.

In recent years Xero has gone from a small start-up based out of New Zealand, to a global brand and the go-to accounting software for thousands of business owners worldwide. With this growth, Xero has developed its product portfolio and is constantly iterating on it’s core accounting software packages to keep up with business trends and emerging industries.

One of these emerging industries is the multi-billion dollar eCommerce world, which has seen explosive growth in recent years. As the online sales environment has developed, Xero has managed to position itself as the perfect answer to keeping your business’ finances compliant, up to speed and organized with their easy to use and super affordable accounting packages.

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend Xero as the #1 accounting software for eCommerce business owners:

1. Xero has a number of neat tricks within it’s software which allows for automation opportunities for high volume accounting. A common occurrence for Amazon FBA or Shopify dropshipping business owners.

2. There are some great integrations with common payment processors and other eCommerce platforms and apps. PayPal, Stripe and A2X to name a few. For PayPal account holders in particular, who receive money and hold balances in multiple currencies, Xero is out on its own in terms of it’s integration with PayPal and allowing you to easily track these currency conversions and transfers within PayPal - no other accounting software comes close to the ease of use of this integration.

3. Xero provides the subscriber unlimited user access on each subscription. Something that is unheard of with most software providers. Providing added value for money on an already affordable product.

4. As Xero has expanded it has managed to produce a well developed software which is commonly used by midsize and large businesses so it is ready made to scale with your business. Xero has made a few shrewd acquisitions and partnerships that has developed its portfolio of features and app integrations meaning no matter what you need to track within your business finances is able to be done via the Xero product or the Xero App marketplace. Whether it be live inventory tracking, a payroll provider that integrates and automates your workflows, Xero has multiple options of each.

5. One of those shrewd moves was the recent acquisition of Hubdoc - our go-to software for receipt and data capture software - a key requirement as you grow and start to become liable to collect and record sales tax - best of all, it’s free with your Xero subscription!

As recognized Xero Bronze Partners, with multiple Xero certified advisors, the Blubooks team  knows how to fully utilize this awesome software to organize your bookkeeping into easy to understand financials. 

Reach out to us today via the ‘Get Started’ button, to find out how we can help you get started on Xero keep your eCommerce business bookkeeping up to speed and provide some partner exclusive discounts!


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