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Borderless Bookkeeping

We provide the financials that empower E-Commerce entrepreneurs

We create financials you can count on

We work with our clients to create affordable, hands-free bookkeeping. We integrate industry leading software to ensure your financials are prepared as efficiently as possible


Whether monthly or Catch Up bookkeeping is required, we deliver books you can rely on

Tax Support

We work with tax partners globally to ensure you stay compliant on Sales Tax, Income Tax and more

Software Integration

We integrate leading financial softwares that help your business scale

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Stay compliant no matter where you operate in the world

We help you stay tax compliant as you grow. Sell across borders? In multiple currencies? On multiple platforms? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

As your business grows and your customer base widens, so can your sales tax liabilities. Do you know that you’re compliant in the regions you sell to?


Register per state based on either physical presence or selling volume (transaction count or dollar value volume)

Local tax rates also may apply

Worldwide Sales to Register
Differs per State
Sales tax rates
0% - 9.55%
Annual Reporting
By request with each State
Quarterly Reporting
By request with each State
Monthly Reporting
By request with each State


Register Federally will allow you to collect and claim GST credits.

Provincial registrations exist in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec.

Worldwide Sales to Register
$30,000.00 CAD
Sales tax rates
5% - 15%
Annual Reporting
Up to $1.5M Annual Sales
Quarterly Reporting
$1.5M - $6M Annual Sales
Monthly Reporting
$6M+ Annual Sales


Register in a single Country of choice to remit across the EU. 

Reduced rates may apply to specific goods and services, however typically not to electronically supplied services.

EU Sales to Register
Sales tax rates
0% - 27%
Annual Reporting
Sales Volume Dependent
Quarterly Reporting
Sales Volume Dependent
Monthly Reporting
Sales Volume Dependent


All products and services sold must charge UK VAT. Products that are sold through an online marketplace DO NOT have to charge VAT as this will be applied by the marketplace. 

Sellers still may be liable for the VAT where the goods are for a business customer who gives them their UK VAT registration number.

Worldwide Sales to Register
Sales tax rates
0% - 20%
Annual Reporting
£1.35M (Upon request)
Quarterly Reporting
Standard issued frequency
Monthly Reporting
VAT liability exceeds £2.3 million or Upon request


Registration is required after $75,000.00 Australian Dollars in sales. You can claim back sales tax paid if the purchase is over $82.50 AUD. 

Marketplace sellers must register regardless of platform used

Worldwide Sales to Register
$75,000.00 AUD
Sales tax rates
Annual Reporting
Under $75,000.00 - Voluntarily Registered
Quarterly Reporting
Under $20M AUD
Monthly Reporting
$20M+ AUD in Sales

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Founder - Suntouched

The team over at BluBooks is first class. They handle seamlessly all the complexities of international bookkeeping & tax filing. They're a great partner to have, with their flexibility to grow and adapt alongside our business.

Founder - Waterloo Technical

Andrew & Eoin are a fantastic resource for our team, jumping in to resolve several bookkeeping issues we were facing. Looking forward to engaging him again in the future!

E - Commerce Founder

Andrew & Eoin were fantastic at helping me understand my accounting, and getting everything set up properly. I'll definitely use them continuously as an efficient and effective resource for accounting and bookkeeping.

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