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When you're running a business, there are so many things to think about. You need to make sure your product is selling, that you've got enough capital on hand to keep things going, and that you're keeping up with industry trends. The last thing you want to do is spend time worrying about your taxes or bookkeeping—especially if you don't have the expertise necessary to ensure they get done right.

That's where we come in! We know the ins and outs of accounting for e-commerce entrepreneurs better than anyone else, and we're here to make sure that your books are always in order. We'll guide you through everything from business tax filing requirements to identifying opportunities for growth.

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We offer:

Bookkeeping services

across multiple currencies and jurisdictions

Business tax filing assistance

so that you never have to worry about missing deadlines or dealing with penalties

Sales Tax filing and preparation

so that you always stay one step ahead of potential issues down the line.  No matter what part of the world you’re selling to, we’ll help keep you compliant


Our client reviews

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March 05, 2023

The Blubook's team has been on top of my e-commerce store bookkeeping and sales tax filing. They helped be streamline some most of the states to what I really needed and have always been prompt to submit the filing. The team also was able to handle my end of year Tax Returns. Everyone is friendly, helpful professional.

Beach Cities Sales
March 17, 2023

I would highly recommend Blubooks to get your business in order. This is my first experience working with a bookkeeper and I couldn't be happier.Eoin and Guilherme have been wonderful to work with, walking me through the items they needed from me and patiently fixing all of my mistakes!They have me ready for my tax preparer and in much better shape to keep track of my financials from here on. I am very pleased to have them on my team.Thank you Blubooks, job well done!

Your Business is Global. Your Accounting should be too.

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